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Middleville, MI  49333
Potting Parties

We are amazed how quickly this year's 
parties filled up! If you were unable to register 
in time, we are taking a waiting list as cancellations
come in. Thanks for your patience.

Our Pinterest boards have have a 
variety of ideas and inspiration. 
Take a look at what is new.

  • Maximum of 5 pots per person
  • Pay only for the plants you use + $10 fee to care to store up to 5 pots at Creekside until May 16.
  • No seed starting. We cannot water them as needed.
  • No outside plants may be brought in due to insect/disease concerns.
  • Bring your own empty containers to plant in or purchase new ones at the party. If pots do not have drainage holes, we will add some for plant health and then fill them with FREE potting soil.
  • For large containers, bring recyclables (milk jugs, 2-liter bottles, etc.) to fill the bottom part of your container to reduce weight. We appreciate lightweight containers. Heavy pots become difficult to transport home when fully grown. Save your back and ours!
  • EVERY CONTAINER left with us must have a Creekside name tag. Instruction are at every table on how to properly fill out EVERY tag.
  • Pots must be picked up by May 16. Pick up directly from the greenhouse on May 12 or    May 14 between 3-6pm and receive a store coupon. Or call ahead (269-795-7674) to arrange pick up from the store. 
  • You will receive a claim ticket at check out to retrieve your containers. Please bring your card with you. If you cannot come yourself, please send your ticket as authorization for someone  else to pick yours up.
  • There is a waiting list for each event. If someone in your  party can no longer attend, please let us know at creeksidegrowers@gmail.com