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A star of the summer garden, the tomato is a tasty treat fresh off the vine. Creekside Growers carries a wide variety of tomatoes for slicing, canning, salsa, and eating. Learn more about pruning, watering, and helpful information about growing tomatoes.

Burpee's new line of Bumper Crop Grafted Tomatoes* has the classic flavor of an heirloom tomato grafted unto the hardy, disease resistent root stem of a hybrid. The best of both worlds.

Burpee Fourth of July Burpee Grafted Big Rainbow
- early producer, small luscious fruit       - big, lumpy beefsteak shape,
  fruit      a very mild and sweet flavor
- care guide       - care guide

Burpee Fresh Salsa    Burpee Grafted Brandywine Red
- large, plum-shaped and dripless, - deep-red fruit weighing up to
  perfect for dicing for salsas     2 lbs with excellent, mild flavor
- care guide       - care guide

Burpee Health Kick     Burpee Grafted Mortgage Lifter
- 4 oz saladette fruit with 50% - huge beefsteak with immense
  more of the antioxidant lycopene      flavor, taste test winner
- care guide- care guide

Burpee Mighty Sweet Burpee Grafted San Marzano
- super-sweet 2 oz. grape tomatoes      - long, blocky fruit eith small seed
- care guide   cavities, great for paste/canning
  - care guide

Burpee Napa Grape    Burpee Power Pops
- sweetest grape tomato, 1" globe - snack size tomatoes, 55% more
- care guide      lycopene, 40% more carotenoids
  - care guide

Burpee Tomatoberry   Burpee Porterhouse
- 2 oz. deep-red fruit, thick, juicy, &      - plump beefsteak tomatoes,
  sweet, 2012 taste test winner2 - 4 lbs each
- care guide

Beefmaster    Beefsteak
- massive size and flavor with high        - stellar flavor straight from the
  yield over a long season  garden, great for slicing

Better Boy      Big Boy
- a trusted fan favotie with quality  - wonderful aroma and rich flavor,
  yields, wilt resistent healthy round fruit all summer long

Celebrity Cupid
- fantastic smooth 8 oz. fruit is      - grape tomato, rich flavor & huge
  crack &disease resistantyield, stake well to support weight

Early Girl Italian Ice
- produced globe-shaped, bright    - sugary sweet, snack sized fruit,
  red, meaty fruit earlier than others unique & mild taste

Little Mama     Rainbow Blend Hybrid
- clustered vines of roma-style fruit,- beautiful & tasty variety of colors
  dice for salsas & chutneysand flavors, sweet to tangy

Razzle Dazzle Red Lightning
- large, round, shiny raspberry fruit,     - beautiful striped fruit, rich flavor,
  easy slicing and eating    stake plants that grow 4'-5' tall

Roma Sweet 'n Neat Red/Yellow
- compact plants with paste-type fruit,    - compact & prolific cherry tomato,
  fertilize first fruits for increase yieldperfect for container gardens

Supersweet 100   Tumbling Tom
- Extra sweet, disease resistant,    - weeping vines of cherry fruit
  highest Vitamin C content tomatofor hanging baskets/containers

* Grafting is an ancient art form to merging the benifits of two varieties of a plant. When planting grafted vegetalbes like Bumper Crop Grafted Tomatoes, be sure that you don't plant too deep. Grafted plants must be planted with the graft well above the ground in order to retain the effect of the rootstock.

Fourth of July Tomato
Fresh Salsa Tomato
Health Kick Tomato
Mighty Sweet Tomato
Napa Grape
Power Pops Tomato
Porterhouse Tomato