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Potting Parties
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Please note that volume of entries may cause a delay when submitting. Press submit once and wait. If you are not taken to a confirmation page, please email info@creeksidegrowers.com to confirm your reservation.
Which Potting Party Waiting List?
All Potting Party events are full. Sign up for our waiting list and we will contact you spots become available.

* Maximum of 5 pots per person
* Pay only for the plants you choose + $10 fee to care
  for up to 5 pots until May 18th.
* Bring empty pots with you to plant in or purchase 
  containers from us at the party. If pots do not have 
  drainage holes, we will add some for you for plant 
  health and then fill them with FREE potting soil.
* For large containers, please bring recyclables 
  (milk jugs, 2 liter bottles, etc) to fill the bottom part
  of your container to reduce weight.
* We appreciate lightweight containers. Heavy pots 
  become difficult to move for the transport home
  when fully grown. Save your back and ours!
* Every container needs to be clearly labelled when 
  you are finished. Instruction available at every table 
  on how to do so.
* No seed starting We cannot water them as needed.
* No outside plants due to insect/disease concerns.
* Pots need to be picked up by May 18th. Two nights 
  are offered (May 14th & 16th) to pick them up directly
  from the greenhouse. Pick up your pots on those 
  specific nights and receive a greenhouse coupon. 
  Otherwise, stop at the store to pick up your pots. 
  Call ahead to have your pots ready for when you 
  arrive, otherwise you may have a short wait.
* Other questions? Send us an email us at  
Please add me to the Creekside email list.